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I have been watching your videos on youtubes for months. I can say you have been spot on with my situations. I wanted to give you an update. Back in February I finally cut ties with my twinflame. In march she came back and we forgave each other and talked as friends. Fast forward to May everything got greater over time and we got married in Sedona on May 28th. Current time we are happier than ever. Thank u for your videos u have helped a lot. Your motivation and humor has helped through difficult times. The best thing I ever did was let her go then a month later she came back healed. She knew I was going to be gone for good. She was the divine masculine and runner in this journey. Everything you said in your videos happened and I am thankful. I still enjoy watching your channel you have a subscriber for life.


Hello Meghann I had the fast luck candle and my focus was on money and love. I got told that I will get the Team lead position and my Leadership is currently working on this. My Ex came to me home we talked for hours and he took me in his arms and kissed me. He said he loves me and always will that he had missed me soooo much. There is no doubt in my mind it is all happening because of your Candles and of course your readings. I am so thankful for you and I can't put in Words how much you mean to me and thousands of other people. You help so many People and keep them positive and hopeful. Thank you Meghann hugs and kisses


Hey Meghann! Just wanted to let you know my road opener candle has worked like a charm!! As soon as I lit my candle I could feel the energy from it. A few days later, I suddenly felt the need to send a message to my person about starting fresh. Got my new beginning with my person! Thank you so, so much!


Girl, I'm not sure where to go with this one, by way of your tarot predictions or your candles....But because you said it FIRST, I'm going with your tarot reading talent! Today I claimed victory at my legal mediation! Just as you said at my in-person reading with you in NYC! I recall you seeing that there'd be some crap first and there was that, too! We spent 7 hours there having to cut through and prove away their blatant lies while I'm sitting there with documented proof! Anyway, in the end, I WON! 

Meghann, I adore you, your honesty, your talents, your ancestors, your willing and making it your life purpose to help people through logic and clarity. YOU are such a gem and I am so grateful to have found you! I will forever be your cheerleader!It was because of your affirmations that I held my own today. You taught me to trust in the universe and with such ease and open arms! 


I ordered the Money Drawing Fixed Candle, the Love Fixed Candle and the Small Love & Money Crystal Bundle (which you sent me later in a separate shipment). As soon as I received the candles, I followed your instructions and lit both candles. I prayed over the candles and set my intentions, and I thanked the candles for already giving me what I wished for. I am writing you specifically about the Money Drawing Fixed Candle and what happened to me today. OMG Meghann!!! It worked!! I placed the candle in the SW corner of my place, which is my wealth corner. I wrote a letter/petition with gratitude for having received the money for my new business. I wrote that I was happy for the success of my business and the abundance that has been provided. Before lighting the candle, I wrote "$25,000" on it, said "thank you," lit the candle and I left it alone. This was a week ago. When the candle burned out, I thanked it for spending time with me and threw it away outside. In the meantime, I lit the small tea light candle and surrounded the candle with money crystals. This time I pictured my name written on a blue check for $25,000. Each time the tea lights blew out, I thanked them and threw them away (outside). Today, I received a check for $25,000 written on a blue check!!! OMG!!! I don't know what else to say, other than the candle REALLY worked... and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! XOXO!