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1 ON 1 COACHING AND MENTORSHIP With Meghann of Leone Luna Tarot

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As a small business owner, entrepreneur and spiritual healer I know the importance of enlisting help from teachers and mentors. With over 15 years of experience of knowledge I am so excited to finally be able to pass some of these lessons on to all of you. With one on one coaching you will have access to me for questions, and support at all times. Please read below for an outline of the program content, and outline of the sections and a little bit more about my qualifications.

I look forward to working with you!


All MONTHLY coaching sessions include 

  1. 1 hour reading via Facetime/in person to assess initial blockages and create a plan of action. (1 per/month)
  2. Consultation and written weekly plan of action. In the consultation we will assess a focus to your coaching. I am offering catching in 2 areas: Spiritual Journey, Soulmate/Twin Flame connection/Business, career, money mindset blockages. You can choose to focus your coaching on one area - or spread out in all 3 areas. You will receive an overall plan of action via PDF for the entirety of your coaching. This plan will include worksheets, mediations, tips , and resources.
  3. I will customize a selection of candles, crystals, etc for the duration on your coaching (3 & 6 month coaching clients will receive 1 new package per/month)
  4. Each week will include a 20 minute chat/ energy check in a assessment to talk about progress and make adjustments to your plan.

Breakdown of coaching focuses:

(If you are interested in touching on all of these topics I suggest investing in the 3 or 6 month plan)

Spiritual Journey: We will work together to access  your intuition, work with your spirit guides, ancestral altars, connect to your third eye, pull messages out of dreams and become more connected to the signs and guidance all around you. If you have a particular spiritual path of practice we will delve deeper into how to learn and connect more. If you are looking to build a spiritual based business we will spend time learning business basics and incorporating that into the subtle practice of working with clients while still building a brand.


Money Matters & Business: Learn how to build any type of small business with little to NO overhead with all my tips and tricks. We will talk about imposter syndrome, self worth, money blockages and also dive into social media, websites, client building, etc. 

Soulmate & Twinflame Journey: In this section we will focus on cord cutting, heart healing and general practice to release situations that are no longer serving you. Here we ill work on manifesting techniques and learning how to shift focus to move forward in life while keeping your heart open to love. We will focus on breaking through blockages through tarot, spell work, as well as good old chatting.



Meghann Early is a 3rd generation empath. She began reading tarot as a child with the help of her grandmother. She began her first business in 3rd grade on the lunch time playground selling comic books to her fellow classmates and hasn't stopped there. She has a degree in Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology  and has run 3 successful online and brick and mortar retail stores. While she began connecting with her ancestors in 2014 her dark night of the soul came in 2016. At the end of 2017 in the midst of her journey (one that had been started and stopped a few times) she began her youtube tarot channel. She now has hundreds of clients all over the world.