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What is Intuitive Tarot Card reading?
Intuitive tarot card reading differs from traditional readings because I use the cards as a tool to read the surrounding energies of the situation. A traditional reading will only give you messages based on the images on the cards alone. I will tap into the energy of the situation, you as well as any person you are asking about.
Why Don’t You read reversals?
Because I read intuitively I do not need to read reversed cards. If an energy or a situation seems negative I will be able to feel that energy in the reading and relay it to you no matter if the cards are right side up or upside down. On occasion I will read reversed cards for quick yes/no questions.
What decks do you use?
I am a little bit of a Tarot Deck Hoarder so I use quite a lot of decks on the channel. Here is a list of some of my favorite and most used decks.
How long should I wait between readings?
I suggest at least a month between readings unless something significant has occurred or changed in your situation. (Or you are asking about a different situation.) It is important to leave time let things from other readings unfold.
What is cross-watching and should I do it?
Cross-watching is when you watch the videos for the person you are interested in. I find that cross-watching can be sometimes confusing and cause more stress and headaches then it is worth. When I do a general daily or mid-monthly reading even though it is directed towards a particular sign it is also based off of the energy of those who watch my channel and those who will be guided to it. Unless your person of interest is a view of my channel I will not be picking up on their energy and therefore the reading is probably not for them. You are welcome to watch any of my readings and see what resonates with you but if it doesn’t sound like it is your person, the message might not be for you. Don’t try to make it fit.

What is a soulmate? 
A soulmate is a person who is meant to be in your life for a reason. A soulmate can be a loved one, a friend, a mentor, or a family member. It is someone that you hold a deep bond with that lasts throughout time and circumstance.
What is a Twin flame?
The “Twin Flame” connection is not a proven fact it is a theory that many debate on. In the broadest of explanations it is believed that a twin flame is the other half of you. The journey to be with this person is long a difficult and you will more often then not find your self in separation from this person. It is even said that you come into union with your twin some life times but not in others. It is my understanding that when you have met your twin flame you will KNOW. For this reason I do not answer questions regarding the twin flame journey. It is a highly debated and controversial subject and can leave people confused and upset.