Crystal Bundles Small

Crystal Bundles Small

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You will be receiving a hand selected bundle of 5-7 crystals that help with matters of love and money


All crystals are hand selected for each bundle by Meghann for your specific needs. Each bundle will receive a mix of tumbled and raw crystals. Small bundles will receive 5-7 crystals (depending on size) and Large bundles will receive 8-10 crystals (depending on size).


Crystals come from nature and each crystal will be unique with it's own coloring and flaws. 


Here is a list of all the crystals currently in stock that might be inlcuded in your order: 


Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz (raw)

Rose Quartz (tumbled)

Rose Quartz (Mini Hearts)


Flourite (Raw)

Flourite (tumbled)

Howlite (white)

Raw Amethyst

Black Onyx

Hermatite (Tumbled)

Bloodstone (Tumbled)

Blue Calcite (Raw)

Green Malachite (Tumbled)

Citrine (Tumbled)