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Custom Rituals & Spells

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After much contemplation I have decided to open up custom rituals & spells here on my site. Please read all the instructions & terms and conditions carefully before booking. Spells & rituals  are performed on designated days so they will be most effective. 

*After booking you will be emailed a list of instructions and information about your working. In some cases I will send you some supplies in the mail (this will all be included in the price)

*At the end of your service you will receive a PDF ritual report with photos and a mini intuitive written reading.

I do not take spell work lightly - it is never a "quick fix" but more of a way to help create movement in a situation. 

Please read descriptions of each ritual below:

Prosperity: A ritual using Ancestor Money, herbs & Oil blends to call in Money or success with a job or business venture

Love Drawing: A ritual to call in love: the love of another person or self love

Heart Healing: Comes with a link to a heart healing mediation. I use a prayer and rose quartz with candle magic to open and heal your heart chakra

Cord Cutting: Comes with a link to a cord ripper mediation. I symbolically cut cords on what you are trying to release with the help of Archangel Michael 

Energy Clearing: Clears your energy so you can release negativity and manifest new and positive vibes your way

Road Opener: Opens Roads and busts through obstacles so you have a clear path towards what you are trying to achieve in this moment.