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New Moon 5 Day Love Drawing Ritual


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For the New Moon & The move into Libra season & Fall I have put together a new ritual for you all - This time around we will be focusing on LOVE. This love drawing ritual can be focused on loving yourself, drawing in the love of another person, etc. I encourage you to place the focus of this ritual on attracting the  most fulfilling love towards yourself possible.

The ritual will begin Monday evening September 24th and go until Saturday September 28th. 

How it works:

This ritual will include a Honey Jar service & each participant will receive one fixed love candle on my altar with your petition underneath it. Every night for 5 nights I will work your candles and the honey jar. On Saturday evening the 28th you will receive a session report with pictures and a collective New Moon/Love Reading.

after you have purchased the service please email your petition to:


with subject: RITUAL PETITION.

Petitions for this ritual can be as long as you want.